A little paranoia is a good propellor

If it tickles my fancy or is pertinent to my interests, i put it here. Just because I'm obsessed with the occult and magick doesn't mean I have to be a dark li'l poet and change my name to Ravyn Darkbane, right?



The premiere episode of SuperF*ckers is now LIVE on YouTube!

“Sweet Mystery”

Jack has superpower-envy, Princess Sunshine charges her powers, Grotessa defends her best friend, and Ultra Richard explains the greatest mystery to ever confound the motherf***er.

SuperF***ckers follows a team of super-powered teens who use their powers to get high, play pranks, and fight everyone except the bad guys. Based on the comic series by James Kochalka and produced in Association with Top Shelf Productions. James is the Cartoonist Laureate of Vermont, and the award-winning creator of the webcomic diary, American Elf.

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